God is the Answer!

When asked why they doubt the existence of God, I have heard (some) atheists say that, “Science explains everything.” I’m here to tell you that in my case, medical science was wrong!

I was born two and a half months premature, and had complications after birth that ultimately resulted in my cerebral palsy diagnosis.

In the beginning, the doctors weren’t optimistic about my survival. When my father asked what my chances were, the doctor told him to wait by the phone for the call that I had died. 

Dad then asked if he could go back and see me to say goodbye, and after the doctor advised against the idea, he pushed the doctor out of the way and went back to see me.

Thankfully the call announcing my death never came. 

My faith tells me there is only one explanation for why I am still here. 

It’s because of God!


2 thoughts on “God is the Answer!

  1. Science doesn’t explain everything and I feel bad for those that don’t believe in a Higher Power. I know for me personally putting my trust in Him has brought a peace upon me that science doesn’t explain. Miracles happen and to me, they ARE the work of God!!

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