My Cerebral Palsy Mobility Aides

I have used several types of mobility aides over my 37 years of life. 

I had my first walker until I was about five, and then I was given my first set of crutches. Over time, I was able to open doors myself, thanks to the rotating cuff. I even got a hole in one during a putt putt game with my parents. I tried to use the actual club, but the crutch got in the way. 

In middle school, I used an inverted walker which was wonderful. I felt like I could do anything while using it, since knowing it was behind me actually helped my balance. Sadly, the walker didn’t last past middle school due to a growth spurt. 

So, back to the crutches I went and stayed with them through high school. I basically “skated” down the school hallways, since they were somewhat slick. The other students thought this was pretty cool. 

After graduation, I got lazy (not something I’m proud of) and began using a wheelchair when I left the house. 

I had my last CP-related surgery on April 16, 2003, and after I was cleared to put weight on my legs, my doctor asked if I would be using crutches. My reply was, “How about a walker?” He said, “Would that make you more comfortable while walking?” I replied, “Yes” and he wrote a prescription for me. 

I am now on walker number three, which I jokingly refer to as my “convertible” since it folds up when not in use. I also continue to use a wheelchair whenever I go shopping, or if I go somewhere with large crowds. 

To the geniuses who developed these mobility aides, I say, “Thank you!”


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