Honoring Dad (Or Superhero Without a Cape)

I’ve been thinking of my Dad all day long. He was the greatest provider, always making sure we had all we needed, or wanted. He cheered us on during ball games and majorette festivals.

He walked both of his daughters down the aisle and served as his oldest son’s best man. He made sure that I got the best possible care for my CP.

He loved and spoiled his seven grandchildren. He made sure to be there for every birthday party, school performance, ball game, and anything else they were involved in. My oldest nephew even got him to play a PlayStation football game one time….lol.

He loved our mother with all he had. Every Christmas and wedding anniversary, he tried to get gifts that were “just right” for her.

Dad was a huge fan of James Brown, and one of the memories that has made me smile several times today, is him playing “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” loud on the stereo while lip-synching the words into a hairbrush, and doing James Brown’s dance moves in the middle of our living room.

Today may mark the day that dad left us physically, but he will live on in our hearts and minds until the time comes for us to be together again..

Death Cannot Kill What Never Dies ~ Love..


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