Thanks (Again)

I’ve been reflecting on my recent post, and I realized that I forgot to thank my nieces and nephews. They have followed their parents in the helping Ryan out department. Thank you for helping with getting food for me during holidays, and for being near me as I try to conquer my version of Mt. Everest (steep sets of stairs).

Thank you for “getting me”, and for loving me just as I am. I’m thankful that you feel comfortable enough to ask me questions about CP, I just hope I’ve been able to give you answers that made sense….lol.

The joy of being your uncle is amazing. I get to be a kid again, and you all give me an excuse to watch SpongeBob! I have enjoyed acting as a “horse” for each of you over the years.

Thank you to those who felt the need to make fun of me in school. This seems strange I’m sure, but through your actions (which I never saw firsthand) I was able to really focus on God and the five people at home who saw me as a person, and not a punchline.

Thank you mom and dad for never allowing me to view CP as a bad thing. It’s because of the two of you that I can feel so positive about living with this condition. You both set an amazing example. 

I’m grateful that you all never felt the need to pity me. The love you show me daily makes it very easy for me to hold my head high.

To me, the great thing about helping to raise CP Awareness, is that, even though we may face different challenges related to CP, we can come together and share those experiences and feelings.

By doing so, we are proving to ourselves and others that we have value.

And above all else, WE MATTER!


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