Tattoos and Scars

I got the title of this entry from an album by the country music duo, Montgomery Gentry. I like the title, because I have both tattoos and scars on my body.
I obtained my first scars in July, 1981. I had what they call a heel cord lengthening. The doctor performed the surgery, because when I would walk, my heels wouldn’t touch the ground completely.
My next pair of scars came in 1988. I wrote about this experience in a previous entry, because it was the longest and most uncomfortable time I’d ever spent in cast.
In 1991, I returned to the doctor who had performed my first surgery. While in his office, he asked me to walk for him. I stood with my crutches, and walked a few steps. He noticed that my left leg turned inward at the knee. He said that he could fix it somewhat, by putting a metal plate on my hip to straighten the bone. The surgery was performed on March 6, 1991.
My next surgery was performed on March 28, 1994. I had another heel cord lenthening, because of a growth spurt. I was told at the time, that I may need to have this procedure done again in the future.
The moment of truth came on April 16, 2003. I had a slightly rough time after I came home. Every morning I would wake up at the same time, because of horrible spasms. It was the worst pain ever.
Now it’s time to tell you about my two experiences with tattoo needles. The first tattoo was done on April 3, 2004. I was spending the day at my sister’s house, and while we were watching a movie, I blurted out that I wanted a tattoo. I quickly said I was joking, but my sister knew I was serious. So, about an hour or so later, we headed for the tattoo parlor that she had been to on several occasions. I had the cartoon character Tazz tattooed on my upper right arm.
My second tattoo was done while I was visiting my other sister, in South Carolina. Her then-husband and I made the short trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 26, 2004. I had the WV logo put on my upper left arm. It was done in honor of my home state.
After all it’s the best state ever!


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