“Queen” for a Day

We’ve all had embarrassing moments in our lives that we hope will never be brought up again. The following is one such story that took place when I was about seven years old.
At the time, I rode the bus to and from school. One afternoon, my mother helped me off the bus. And as she was walking up the stairs to our house, she said that she had received a letter about a program called, King/Queen For a Day.
The program was for disabled children and their mothers. The program was a chance for the kids to feel good about themselves. To celebrate what and who we were, at least that’s how I saw it.
A couple days after mom told me about the program, my father took me to the Ramada Inn to register, because mom didn’t get off work in time to take me. So we go inside, and we walk upto the desk and register. The woman tells us that every boy and girl has to wear a crown and sash to every event.
There’s only one problem with this. The lady informs us that they have run out of all the “King For a Day” sashes. This means that for the entire time I’m there, I will have to wear the “Queen For a Day” sash.
My father asks her if it’s absolutely necessary for me to wear the sash. The woman says, “Yes, every child must wear a crown and sash during the program.” Dad apologizes to me, as if it’s his fault.
The rest of the program made up for the fact that I was wearing the humiliating sash. The only bright spot was that the sash was yellow. We went to the Police Academy, and the officials spoke to us about the importance of being a police officer.
After the speeches were over, they gave us all the chance to ride in a police car. I loved it, because they let us work the siren. The officer I was riding with told us he hoped he never had to arrest any of us in the future. I kept thinking knock off the jokes, cause they aren’t funny….lol.
After the ride in the police car, we headed back to the hotel for one last event. The people in charge handed out trophies to all the kids, and told us they hoped we enjoyed ourselves.
And with that, my day as a “Queen”, was over. But when I got home, the teasing from my brother Eric began.
I hope that this story makes you laugh, because it is one of the funniest events of my life!!


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