Life is a Blessing

Another old blog..

I recently put a headline on my profile. It says, “In God’s eyes we’re all the same, someday we’ll all have perfect wings.”
The quote comes from a country song called, Don’t Laugh at Me, and ever since I first heard that part of the song, I’ve never forgotten it. I think how wonderful it is to know that God loves me no matter what I am. He blessed with cerebral palsy for a reason.
I may not know what the reason is, but I know I was given this condition for a purpose.
I remember two times when I was made fun for being handicapped.
I didn’t actually hear what was said, but I heard about them from my twin sister, because it always bothered her when someone said anything about me.
She told me one day at school that some guy had said something about me, and that she would see to it that he apologize. Later that day while we were heading home from school, she told me that she talked with this guy’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend promised to have him apologize to me.
The next day, while I was eating lunch, the girl and her boyfriend come over to me. She tells him to apologize. His response to her request is, “I ain’t apologizing for stuff I didn’t say.”
I didn’t know whether to laugh or not, because to me it was funny watching her drag him by the arm to where I was sitting.
I didn’t get an apology from him, but I got one from his girlfriend. It was a nice thing for her to do, but I didn’t really need an apology from anyone.
The second time happened a few months later. My sister informed me about it while we were heading to school one morning. Like the first time, I don’t know the exact details.
Unlike the first time, this guy didn’t get away with it by having his girlfriend apologize. This guy got his butt kicked.
After it happened, everyone involved got called into the principal’s office. During my sister’s visit, the principal told her, “We don’t practice organized crime here at Andrew Jackson.”
The following week, I was called back to her office, and sitting there with her was the guy who’d gotten beat up.
She told us to communicate how we were feeling because of this whole ordeal. He burst into tears as he apologized to me. I accepted his apology, because I knew he meant it.
A few months after this, the guy hurt his ankle, and had to use crutches. I felt bad for him, because I’m sure those wooden crutches are a pain in the ass.
These two events never got me down, because I didn’t allow them to.
I also knew that I had five people at home who never let this condition get in the way of their love for me.
So, if I ever feel down about my condition, I think of the five people who love me most in the world.
I also think of God, for without him, I wouldn’t be here to begin with.
I meant what I said at the beginning, that my life is a blessing from God.
And I’m going to live it to the fullest until it’s time for me to get my…..perfect wings.


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