I originally wrote this when I used MySpace..

I am a huge fan of doing surveys on this site. I also enjoy reading other people’s answers, because reading what they think is quite interesting.
Below is an answer my mother posted on a recent survey about the third person on her friend list, which happens to be me….lol.

Q: Do you love this person?
A: As with all my children, I love him with all my heart and soul. He inspires me in ways he can’t understand. When I think of a hero, I think of him. He’s taken a really shitty hand dealt him and made the most of his life thus far. He finds ways to brighten my mood when I’m down. He always thinks of others. He’s just the most inspirational person I know and I’m proud to be his mother.

When I read her response, especially the hero part, I was surprised. Not because I doubted how my mother feels about me, but, because it always seemed to me that children should think of their parents as heroes, not the other way around.
I have always thought of my mother and father as the ultimate heroes. They raised four kids, gave them everything they could ever want. They showered us with love and praise when we accomplished something special.
They made my childhood such a great experience, although I know it was difficult dealing with a disabled child. They never made me feel like I had to feel “different” from other kids, my condition wasn’t a huge deal. It was, but they never treated it that way, and I think I followed their example.
I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in this world. I know that may sound crazy to you, but when I think of the fact that the doctor’s were saying my chances for survival weren’t very good, I have to take comfort in the fact that God wasn’t ready for me yet.
He gave me to the greatest parents who ever lived. There aren’t enough words to express how much I love and respect them.
My life has been quite an adventure, and I am thankful that they’ve been there since day one, loving me every step of the way.
Mom, as proud as you are to be my mother, I am prouder to be your son!


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